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Navigating Stick Drift on PS5 Controllers: A Comprehensive Exploration and Practical Solutions

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Welcome to a nuanced exploration of a prevalent concern among avid gamers - the intricate challenge of stick drift on PS5 controllers. In this article, we embark on a journey to unravel the underlying causes of this issue and present pragmatic solutions.

As discerning gamers, understanding the intricacies of stick drift is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. Moreover, we'll delve into the economic aspect, shedding light on the often-encountered reality that repairing stick drift can be a delicate financial balancing act, particularly for standard controllers.


The Anatomy of PS5 controller Stick Drift Revisited

Before delving into solutions, let's revisit the root causes of stick drift, providing a foundation for our subsequent discussions.

  1. The intrusion of Foreign Particles: The analogue sticks of a PS5 controller are vulnerable to the infiltration of dust and debris, leading to an imbalance that manifests as stick drift during gameplay.

  2. Degradation due to Intensive Usage: Extended gaming sessions contribute to the natural wear and tear of internal components, particularly the potentiometers responsible for detecting analogue stick movements. This degradation results in imprecise signalling and the subsequent emergence of stick drift.

  3. Manufacturing Variances: Anomalies in the manufacturing process, such as uneven sensor placement or inconsistent calibration, can predispose controllers to stick drift, creating challenges for users post-purchase.

Pragmatic Solutions: DIY and Professional Interventions

  1. Thorough Cleaning Procedures: Commencing with a meticulous cleaning regimen is often a logical first step. Employing compressed air and isopropyl alcohol on a controlled level can dislodge unwanted particles without causing damage. However, it is crucial to exercise caution, as the delicacy of electronic components demands a measured approach.

  2. The utilisation of Calibration Tools: Leverage the calibration tools integrated into the PS5 console to recalibrate your controller, restoring the intended range of motion for the analogue sticks. This systematic approach may offer relief from stick drift in certain cases.

  3. Professional Expertise: In instances where DIY measures prove insufficient, seeking professional assistance becomes paramount. Our reputable device repair shop iPhix Tech NI, with physical locations in Belfast and Lisburn, boasts adept technicians capable of diagnosing and rectifying the root cause of stick drift. However, it's essential to consider the economic aspect before proceeding with repairs.

The Financial Conundrum: Repair Costs vs. Controller Replacement

While the solutions presented above are effective in many cases, it is imperative to address the economic aspect of stick drift resolution. For standard PS5 controllers, the cost of professional repair services can sometimes approach or even exceed the price of purchasing a new controller. This is a crucial consideration that discerning gamers must bear in mind when deciding on the most pragmatic course of action.

A Caveat for Premium Controllers

It's worth noting that premium controllers, such as SCUF or Elite variants, may justify the cost of repair due to their enhanced features and higher retail prices. In such cases, investing in the restoration of a specialised controller may be economically viable.


As we navigate the intricate landscape of stick drift, balancing the technical and financial aspects is key. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the causes and potential solutions, gamers can make informed decisions tailored to their unique circumstances.

Whether opting for DIY measures, recalibration, or seeking professional expertise, the ultimate goal is to restore the precision and reliability of your PS5 controller. Choose wisely, and may your gaming experience remain seamless and enjoyable.


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